[Download] Beloved-Theme for WoWonder Social PHP Script


Download Beloved-Theme for WoWonder Social PHP Script v2.3.4 free (Nulled)


We have not updated the preview photos on we items, the preview photos are different from the demo website, so please visit the demo website. To see everything.

Beloved, is a theme for WoWonder Social PHP Script. To have this theme, first you must have WoWonder Script.

What is Wowonder?

WoWonder is a social media platform, designed by Deen Doughouz. You can get WoWonder Script here.

The Beloved Theme, also compatible with WoWonder Timeline Applications for Android, developed by Elin Doughouz. You can get it here.

(And thank you so much for Deen Doughouz and Elin Doughouz, they are brilliant).

Check demo, before you buy Beloved Theme.

Demo: here

(User: testuser Password: testuser)
(User: demouser password: demouser)

You can also register, or login with your social media account, and try its features.

Now: I’m available for custom themes, if you want custom, contact me via support tab or my email: [email protected]

I also use some of the best icon I get legally, from graphicrive, so you can save $ 15 for this icon.

I bought a photo, to add a sticker, to the theme. See Stickers

See online documentation Beloved Documentation,


  • Compatible with WoWonder latest version
  • Compatible with WoWonder Timeline Applications
  • Modern Style
  • Easy to change colors, in admin panel
  • Sticker for Comment and Chat
  • More Emoticon
  • Fully Responsive
  • Sticky Right Sidebar
  • Sticky Left Sidebar
  • Google Material Design
  • Well Documented


V 2.3.4 (19 April 2018).:

  • Make it compatible with wowonder script versi

V 2.3.3 (7 April 2018).:

  • Make it compatible with wowonder script versi

V 2.3.2 (3 April 2018).:

  • Make it compatible with wowonder script versi

V 2.3.1 (23 Murch 2018).:

  • Make it compatible with wowonder script versi 1.5.5
  • Add preview image before upload from default theme wowonder.
  • Add style multy images from default wowonder.
  • Fixed some problem at app graph pages.

Version 2.3 (22 February 2018).

  • Improv Style Friends Brithdays (check demo website now).
  • Add icon to latest activity, latest products, invate friends, trending hashtag (location right sidebar).
  • Fixed problem blog loading.
  • Fixed problem style at mozila browser.
  • optimize style 404 pages
  • optimize style filter by.
  • optimize style story post by
  • Remove sociale themes, so only one themes, is beloved themes (so We will focus to design beloved).

Version 2.2.2 (20 February 2018).

    • Adding function, for people my know only displays users who use photo profile
    • Improvisasi header advertising in timeline.
    • Add header advertise to blog, read blog, and blog category.
    • Add header advertise to forum, and movies pages
    • Add sidebar advertise to read blog, in bottom article.
    • Add function to display popular articles by day, by week, by month.
    • Add function to display popular blog based on most comment.
    • Add function to display my count story.
    • Add function to display my story, so user can see his own story and count in left sidebar.
    • Add function to display count my boost post, my boost pages, my album.
    • Add function to display count hashtag (so people can now, how much hastagh, when they click hashtagh).
    • Add more sticker.
    • Add sticker to publisher box.
    • Add famous people to friend system.
    • Add Popular Blog All times before header blogs pages.
    • Improvisation style user story after 4 post in timeline.
    • Improv speed blog loading to ajax loading use default wowonder system.
    • Add header search friend nearby, use run avatar.
    • Fixed bug friend system (display count friend).
    • Improv style left sidebar.
    • Add famous people to right sidebar (If user is registered and not follow famous user, at start-up, he will see it in right sidebar to follow, Random display).
    • Replace Location Famous People with Popular User, based on most follow, or most friend, display after Famous Users in right sidebar.
    • Add header profile boost pages, boost post, my pages, my group, my album, header pages hashtagh.
    • Improv right sidebar settings pages.
    • Improv right sidebar friend nearby.
    • Improv style 404 pages.
    • Improv style announcement.
    • Improv user card profile at pages start-up.
    • Improv user card profile at explore and serach page.
    • Improv style publisher box.
    • Change style emoticon and sticker tabs.
    • Add online user to mobile version, display in left sidebar.

And more.

V2.2.1 (10 February 2018).:

  • Add Functions to display famous user bassed in most followers
  • Improv publisher box style
  • Improv left sidebar style
  • Fixed some bugs in friend system
  • Fixed bug welcome pages beloved themes.

V.2.2 (05 February 2018).
Version 2.2

  • Add Sticker for: Comments, Messeges Page, Tab Chat, Tab Group Chat, and also add Stickers for your Timeline Aplication Android iOS. (I Add same stickers with default wowonder desktop messenger).
  • Add Emoticon Tab and Add more Emoticons for: Publisher Box, Comments, Messeges Page, Tab Chat, Tab Group Chat, and also add Emoticons for your Peckage Timeline Wowonder Aplication Android iOS via Api Post.
  • Add New Welcome Pages for Sociale Themes with Best Bubble Animation Background, and Improvitations Welcome Pages Beloved Themes.
  • Add New Style for my Product with Beautyfull Styles.
  • Add Function to Display My Count Product (user can see how much they product at pages My Product).
  • Add New Style for Market Pages.
  • Add New Header for Market Pages.
  • Add Function to display user count articles (User can see how much they articles has posted.
  • Add New Style Pages for My Blogs with display user profile and cover, and count articles, also total count views for all they articles).
  • Add Functions to display Popular Author if they write articles. Bassed on vews every user. (Popular Author Display after 4 Articles in Blog Pages).
  • Add Functions to display My Popular Articles in This Week (every 7 days once articles published automatic articles remove from My Popular Articles).
  • Add Function to redirect author blog url from timeline with display user own article (Example, if click named author in article automatic redirect to timeline with Display User Articles in timeline).
  • Add right sidebar to right blog sidebar.
  • Add header blog to display category.
  • Add New Style for Movies Pages, and make it compatible with mobile version.
  • Add Functions to display count How Much user Saved Post (user can see how much they saved posts).
  • Add New Style for Pages My Saved Post.
  • Add New Custom Name Icon Bassed on Material Design Icon for Compatibel with All Browser and icon still display without connect internet (for example icon still display if you work in localhost same as font awesome self host).
  • Add New Tab Chating for Messages Pages, with Beautifull Animations PopUp from Bottom Pages.
  • Add Users Story Tabs in Messages Pages (user can see friends story in tab messages chat).
  • Add Slider Tab and Background for Easy Find Frend Nearby.
  • Add modal popup in home pages for create story, display in desktop also mobile version.
  • Add Story display after 4 post in timeline (with function if user count story 10 automatic display in timeline after 4 post, if user story count 9, 8, 7…. Or small count from 10 not display in timeline).
  • Add New Total Style for My Profiles Pages.
  • Add New Modal PopUp to display detil user at tabs user profiles.
  • Add Count: How Much Total Articles Published at Pages User Profiles.
  • Add Articles in Profile Pages. (User can see own articles, because display in they profiles).
  • Add New Total Style for Profiles Pages
  • Add New Total Style for Groups Style.
  • Add Pro Member Display after 3 post in timeline at mobile version.
  • Add button share to Whatsup Website in post timeline.
  • And much more…


  • Changed Icon for: Notifications, Messages, Wonder Icon, Dislike Icon and Much More icon.
  • Changed Style Sidebar Left.
  • Changed Style User Card for People May Know,.
  • Changed Style Pages Card for Pages you may like.
  • Changed Style Sidebar Right, and Sidebar Left home pages.
  • And Much More.


  • Improv Speed Themes for fast loading.
  • Improv Fixed Sidebr to work fine with ajax loading (or smoth loading wowonder:. Example if you click icon home page in header, sticky sidebar still work fine without lost function).
  • Improv Friend Nerby Style
  • Improvitation Explore Pages with New Style.
  • Improvitation Header Style.
  • Improvitation fixed left sidebar.
  • Improv style for Create New Pages, Create New Group.
  • Improf Style for My Pages, My Groups.
  • Improvitation Blog Style for Best Experience your users.
  • Improv my Event Styles
  • Improv forum styles.
  • Improv My Album Styles.
  • Improv My Saved Posts.
  • Improv Home Page Style.
  • And Much More.

V.2.1 (18 December 2017).

  • Make it compatible with wowonder script version 1.5.4.
  • Add new style for display user liked post
  • New Feature coming soon

v.2.0: (20 November 2017).

  • Make it compatible with wowonder version

v.1.9: (6 November 2017).

  • Fixed Bug Integrated Follow System with Friend System in one themes
  • Fixed Sime Bug.

v1.8: (30 October 2017).

  • Integration follow system and friend system in one theme.
  • Improf left sidebar in mobile version.
  • Fixed some bug.

v1.7 (22 October 2017)

  • Make it compatible with wowonder version
  • Add one more theme. Now include two themes.
  • Add button menu for mobile version.
  • Add PNG Icon for all features.
  • Change style left sidebar.
  • Change style left menus sidebar.
  • Change style user status.
  • Move the circula menu to another theme (sociale theme).
  • And many more….

v1.6 (9 October 2017)

  • Fix problem at the welcome page slider
  • And some others.

v1.5 (8 October 2017)

  • Improvisation Movies Style (Change same icon at header movie, and comment).
  • Improvisation width home page.
  • Improvisation Events Style (Add icon, and others).
  • Improvisation style for comment blog (Add icon, and others).
  • Improvisation chat style.
  • Improvisation messages style
  • Add circula menu (visible to all pages).
  • Change style publisher box.
  • Change style filter by.
  • Make disable button wonder/dislike for comment and reply comment.
  • And much more … See for yourself.

v1.4 (3 October 2017)

  • Make it compatible with wowonder script version 1.5.3.
  • Add circula menu.
  • Add slide menus, for market categories, and blogs.
  • Add slide for mobile version, to display right sidebar.
  • Make forum can display via mobile version.
  • Change welcome page style.
  • Change icon left sidebar.
  • Change style home page.
  • Change style pages.
  • Change style group.
  • Change style market.
  • Change style user timeline.
  • Change style timeline for android timeline app and iOS WoWonder.
  • Change button follow like aplication UI.
  • Change user card style.
  • Change style user profile.
  • Change style people you may know.
  • Change same item style in right sidebar.
  • And much more … See for yourself.

v.1.3 (8 September 2017)

  • Make it compatible with WoWonder script 1.5.2
  • Change litle style for home page
  • Change Welcome Page Style
  • Added Slide Menu
  • Change Market Style
  • Change Category Style for Market and Blog
  • Improvisation left sidebar style
  • Added avatar for tab group chat
  • Added avatar for tab user chat
  • Changed user dropdown menu with slide menu

v.1.2 (1 August 2017)

  • Added Sticky Right Sidebar
  • Improvisation Sticky Left Sidebar
  • Added Google Material Icon
  • Improvisation of Home Page Views
  • Improvisation Chating Page
  • Clear some bugs.

v1.1.0 (24 July 2017)

– Initial Release

Native messengers for WoWonder


Kindly Note: We update new contents like WordPress Themes, Plugins, PHP Scripts everyday. But remember that you should never use this items in a commercial website. All the contents posted here for development & testing purpose only. We’re not responsible for any damage, use at your own RISK! We highly recommend to buy Beloved-Theme for WoWonder Social PHP Script from the The Developer ( abdullahtheme ) website. Thank you.
Download = Beloved-Theme for WoWonder Social PHP Script-[Updated].zip

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