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Weedoboard is a Cannabis & Marijuana Admin Dashboard React template that is built to help legal medical cannabis growers, processors, dispensaries, medical clinics, medical cannabis stores, coffee shops, pharmacies, cannabis concentrate shops, Cannabis dispensaries, and laboratory websites have a bird’s eye view on their products and storage. Package Include 60+ React components that can help you customize how your admin dashboard will look, and you can adjust its design based on your needs.It has a clean, unique, and out of the box design that will make you want to work on your dashboard. With over a 1000+ elements and components, not even the sky is the limit with Weedoboard . With user-friendly features developed to allow admins to easily achieve the design they are looking for, with no previous experience required and all located in an easy-to-find menu.


  • Homepage (/src/components/pages/Home)
  • Web Analytics (/src/components/pages/dashboard/Webanalytics)
  • Social Media (/src/components/pages/dashboard/Socialmedia)
  • Project Management (/src/components/pages/dashboard/Projectmanagement)
  • Client Management (/src/components/pages/dashboard/Clientmanagement)
  • Order Status (/src/components/pages/order/Orderstatus)
  • Product List (/src/components/pages/product/Productlist)
  • Product Grid (/src/components/pages/product/Productgrid)
  • Product Detail (/src/components/pages/product/Productdetail)
  • Cancel Product (/src/components/pages/product/Cancelproduct)
  • Return Product (/src/components/pages/product/Returnproduct)
  • Customer List (/src/components/pages/customer/Customer)
  • Customer Reviews (/src/components/pages/customer/Reviews)
  • Invoice (/src/components/pages/invoice/Invoice)
  • Invoice List (/src/components/pages/invoice/Invoicelist)
  • Add Product (/src/components/pages/Addproduct)
  • Pricing (/src/components/pages/Pricing)
  • Shipment (/src/components/pages/Shipment)
  • Widgets (/src/components/pages/Widgets)
  • Accordions (/src/components/pages/ui-basic/Accordions)
  • Alerts (/src/components/pages/ui-basic/Alerts)
  • Buttons (/src/components/pages/ui-basic/Buttons)
  • Breadcrumbs (/src/components/pages/ui-basic/Breadcrumbs)
  • Badges (/src/components/pages/ui-basic/Badges)
  • Cards (/src/components/pages/ui-basic/Cards)
  • Progressbar (/src/components/pages/ui-basic/Progressbar)
  • Preloaders (/src/components/pages/ui-basic/Preloaders)
  • Pagination (/src/components/pages/ui-basic/Pagination)
  • Tabs (/src/components/pages/ui-basic/Tabs)
  • Typography (/src/components/pages/ui-basic/Typography)
  • Draggables (/src/components/pages/ui-advanced/Draggables)
  • Sliders (/src/components/pages/ui-advanced/Sliders)
  • Modals (/src/components/pages/ui-advanced/Modals)
  • Rating (/src/components/pages/ui-advanced/Rating)
  • Tour (/src/components/pages/ui-advanced/Tour)
  • CropperJS (/src/components/pages/ui-advanced/Cropper)
  • Range Slider (/src/components/pages/ui-advanced/Rangeslider)
  • Animation (/src/components/pages/Animation)
  • Form Elements (/src/components/pages/form/Formelements)
  • Form Layout (/src/components/pages/form/Formlayout)
  • Form Validation (/src/components/pages/form/Formvalidation)
  • Form Wizard (/src/components/pages/form/Formwizard)
  • ChartJS (/src/components/pages/charts/Chartjs)
  • Google Charts (/src/components/pages/charts/Googlecharts)
  • Basic Tables (/src/components/pages/tables/Basictables)
  • Data Tables (/src/components/pages/tables/Datatables)
  • Sweet Alerts (/src/components/pages/popups/Sweetalerts)
  • Toast (/src/components/pages/popups/Toast)
  • Fontawesome Icon (/src/components/pages/icons/Fontawesome)
  • Flaticons (/src/components/pages/icons/Flaticons)
  • Materialize Icon (/src/components/pages/icons/Materialize)
  • Google Maps (/src/components/pages/maps/Googlemaps)
  • Vector Maps (/src/components/pages/maps/Vectormaps)
  • Default Login (/src/components/pages/prebuilt-pages/Defaultlogin)
  • Modal Login (/src/components/pages/prebuilt-pages/Modallogin)
  • Default Register (/src/components/pages/prebuilt-pages/Defaultregister)
  • Modal Register (/src/components/pages/prebuilt-pages/Modalregister)
  • Lockscreen (/src/components/pages/prebuilt-pages/Lockscreen)
  • Coming Soon (/src/components/pages/prebuilt-pages/Comingsoon)
  • Error (/src/components/pages/prebuilt-pages/Error)
  • Faq (/src/components/pages/prebuilt-pages/Faq)
  • Portfolio (/src/components/pages/prebuilt-pages/Portfolio)
  • User Profile (/src/components/pages/prebuilt-pages/Userprofile)
  • Invoice (/src/components/pages/prebuilt-pages/Pageinvoice)
  • Chat (/src/components/pages/apps/Chat)
  • Email (/src/components/pages/apps/Email)
  • Todo List (/src/components/pages/apps/Todolist)

Additional Features

  • 1 Cannabis & Marijuana Dashboard Landing page
  • Bootstrap 4.x
  • Unlimited sidebars
  • Quickbar
  • 100+ pages
  • Google and Vector Maps
  • Datatables
  • 100+ Components
  • 1000+ UI elements
  • 2 Color schemes
  • Multiple layouts
  • Quick bar Access
  • 3 Applications
  • Beautiful Charts
  • Perfectly responsive on all screen sizes
  • Easily Customizable
  • Dark Mode
  • Form elements, layouts and wizards
  • Keyboard Shortcuts

fonts used

  • Roboto
  • Roboto + Slab
  • All fonts are free to use

    Note That, Images are only for demo purpose and not included into package

    Kindly Note: We update new contents like WordPress Themes, Plugins, PHP Scripts everyday. But remember that you should never use this items in a commercial website. All the contents posted here for development & testing purpose only. We’re not responsible for any damage, use at your own RISK! We highly recommend to buy Weedoboard | Cannabis Dashboard React Template from the The Developer ( metropolitantheme ) website. Thank you.
    Download = Weedoboard | Cannabis Dashboard React Template-[Updated].zip

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