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Latest version [Nulled] , powered by Rtools71

API Price[Open-Ai]

The pricing structure for tokens and credits is based on the complexity and length of queries or responses processed through the API. If all tokens and credits are used up, users will need to obtain additional ones to continue making API requests. For detailed information on the cost of each token and model, please refer to the following link: OpenAI Pricing. This resource offers comprehensive insights into the pricing structure, allowing users to make informed decisions about their token and credit needs.


Welcome to Recipe Maker, the home of cutting-edge software powered by React, Node.js, MongoDB, and Bootstrap, offering specialized artificial intelligence for various business domains. Discover intelligent neural responses, code generation, and text comprehension for an exceptional and dynamic user experience.

Our software goes beyond conventional boundaries, presenting two exciting AI-powered features:

1. Review Generator: Analyze products, services, or any content to generate authentic and helpful reviews. This invaluable tool empowers businesses to grasp customer sentiment, enhance offerings, and build a positive reputation.

2. Cooking Recipe Generator: Ignite culinary inspiration with unique and delicious recipes tailored to preferences, dietary restrictions, and available ingredients. Whether a professional chef or a home cook, this feature sparks creativity in the kitchen.

Additionally, we take pride in our Specialist Team Chat, offering comprehensive support with the ability to engage our expert team on a wide range of topics. Whether seeking guidance on health and wellness, gym business management, or any subject, our specialists provide insightful discussions, personalized advice, and industry-specific knowledge to optimize your pursuits.

Flexibility is at the heart of our software, allowing easy customization. Modify AI models effortlessly, train the system with your own prompts and behaviors, and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends for a truly tailored user experience.

Embrace personalized artificial intelligence for bespoke solutions in business, reviews, and cooking, supported by our lightning-fast Chat GTP API, empowering you to tackle challenges with efficiency and effectiveness.

Join the revolution by unlocking the true potential of AI for your business, reviews,
and cooking endeavors. Experience seamless integration and embrace customization.
transforming your business landscape. With us, the future of intelligent
Problem-solving and creative inspiration awaits. We are thrilled to embark on this journey with you.

Additionally, our software fully supports multi-language capabilities, allowing you to engage with it in your preferred language.

App Access

  • Login: Click here
  • Email:[email protected]
  • Password:admin
  • Most Useful Features

    • Create and Delete Unlimited Prompts
    • Generate Reviews and Cooking recipes.
    • Edit: You Will Be Able to Edit Your Results
    • Clear Documentation
    • easy to customize.
    • Full Login System
    • Responsive Design [Compatible with Mobile Devices]
    • Option to Create and Delete Conversations
    • Option to Use Your Custom Prompts
    • Option to Save Conversations
    • Download Chat History (txt or pdf)
    • Advanced Models Used: gpt-3.5-turbo-0613 and gpt-3.5-Turbo
    • Multi-language Support: You Can Change the Language of This Template to Any Language.
    • Our chatbot can understand natural language and provide quick and
      accurate responses to customer inquiries, saving you time and resources.

    How the API works

    The Recipe Maker template seamlessly integrates with the Chat GPT API, consuming tokens (credits) for each interaction. The use of tokens adapts to the complexity of tasks performed by the GPT-3 and GPT-4 models, ensuring efficient resource usage. This powerful integration enables accurate results in generating reviews, cooking recipes, and engaging in specialized conversations with our expert team. The Chat GPT API’s rapid and precise natural language processing is fundamental to the Recipe Maker’s intelligent problem-solving and creative inspiration functionalities.

    To ensure uninterrupted usage, users have the option to acquire additional
    tokens and credits based on their requirements. Monitoring of token usage
    and credits can be conveniently done through the OpenAI account platform.
    accessible at

    What you Get

    • Documentation.
    • Javascript files, React.js, Bootstrap,CSS, Express js .
    • Support and instruction [if you need].


    • Current model: gpt-3.5-turbo-0613 or gpt-3.5-Turbo,text-davinci-003.
    • You can test the template on a local server or host it on your preferred host.
    • Not available in the Fine-tuning Models template.
    • We provide the template in .jpg, .png, and .svg formats.
    • All images are used for Preview purposes Only. They are not part of the React templates and are not included in the final purchase files.


      To use Recipe Maker with the Chat GPT API, ensure the following:

    • Obtain a GPT API Key: You need an API key with sufficient credits from OpenAI to access the Chat GPT API and utilize Recipe Maker’s AI-powered features.
    • React.js Version: It is recommended to use React.js version 13.0.1 and above for optimal performance and seamless integration.
    • Node.js Version: Ensure your Node.js version is 16.17.0 and above to support Chat GPT API functionalities effectively.
    • By meeting these requirements, you can provide your users with a cutting-edge and intelligent experience using Recipe Maker.


         - All is up to date.

    Text Editor: jodit-react”

    In the text editor, you will be able to customize the generated text with various formatting options such as headings, bold, italics, and text color. Additionally, you can perform actions like downloading the text and printing it. The editor offers a plethora of features to enhance your text and make it more visually appealing and functional.

    I use the Jodit-React Text Editor free plan. It’s enough to complete your task. If you want more features, then you can Buy this.
    Jodit Editor


    Can I train prompt whatever I want?

    • Yes, you will be able to Create your prompt as you want, and if you want to delete it, you can

    Can I edit the generated text in the editor?

    • Yes, you will be able to edit your text as you want and print many more

    Can I Host this project?

    • Yes, you will take this project everywhere. Just ensure your hosting server is installed and supports Node.js.

    GPT Models Used?

    • Currently, we are using the gpt-3.5-turbo-0613 and gpt-3.5-turbo “text-davinci-003” models.

    Can I Use GPT-4 / BARD AI in Recipe Maker?

    • Yes, you can use GPT-4 BARD AI.

    Is the Product Built on WordPress?

    • No, our product is developed entirely using React.js, Bootstrap, Node.js (for the API), and JavaScript.
    • However, users can integrate it into a WordPress page by themselves if needed.

    Do I Need an OpenAI Key to Use the Product?

    • Yes, it is mandatory to have an OpenAI key to use the model.

    Why Does My Chat Response Take Some Time?

    • Processing Time: Generating a response requires computational resources, especially for complex queries or when dealing with large amounts of data. The response time can vary depending on the complexity of the request and the current load on the system.
    • Network Latency: The time it takes for the data to travel between your device and the server can introduce delays. Network congestion or slow internet connections can impact the response time.

    Kindly Note: We update new contents like WordPress Themes, Plugins, PHP Scripts everyday. But remember that you should never use this items in a commercial website. All the contents posted here for development & testing purpose only. We’re not responsible for any damage, use at your own RISK! We highly recommend to buy Ai recipe maker – Open AI Blog & review writing tool | ChatGPT AI Writing Assistant | Ai chatbot from the The Developer ( Rtools71 ) website. Thank you.
    Download = Ai recipe maker – Open AI Blog & review writing tool | ChatGPT AI Writing Assistant | Ai chatbot-[Updated].zip

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