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This is a complete project, made entirely with blueprints.
Feel free to reskin and rebrand this project, allowing you to create your very own game that can be launched on the Play Store, App Store, or any other app marketplace you choose.
To open this game is it required that you have installed Unreal Engine 5.2 or newer. Game is compatible for android, iOS, PC and many other platforms that are supported by Unreal Engine.

Click here for a youtube video.
Click here to download a build file, so you can test this game on your PC.

Tap on the cube with precision and dexterity, wielding your touch to seamlessly alter its colors, aligning them harmoniously with the imminent cubes that approach. The mesmerizing art of color-matching grants you the privilege of smoothly traversing through each cube, transforming the challenge into a fluid dance of hues. Your ultimate objective in this endless odyssey is to synchronize the colors of all nine cubes that stand in your path. With each triumphant passage through a cube, your score gracefully ascends, rewarding your skill and determination with a resounding +1 increment.

As the game unfolds infinitely before you, your primary aspiration extends beyond numerical achievements. It’s about the pursuit of an ever-higher score, pushing your own boundaries, and the sheer delight of gameplay. With no defined endpoint, the horizon of your achievements stretches boundlessly, making your journey an enchanting exploration of colors, coordination, and pure enjoyment. So, immerse yourself in this captivating adventure, and let the vibrant world of color-matching light up your screen as you strive to score as much as your heart desires, all while reveling in the sheer joy of the experience!

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Download = Color Cube – Unreal Engine Game-[Updated].zip

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