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Latest version [Nulled] , powered by Scrisoft

CRM News is an app for the Midrub CMS which is allowing to get news from websites and social networks.

CRM News  is an app which could be used as dashboard page where the user will be redirected after login. The user could configure it to show the news from the favorited websites and social networks like Instagram and Twitter. In
addition, it could show the direct messages from Facebook Pages, Instagram and Twitter.

All information displayed in the CRM News app is organized in streams and tabs. A tab is a window which could contain multiple streams. All streams have behind a template which displays news, direct messages and posts. 

By plan is possible to control the number of tabs and streams available for each user.

The  CRM News  app has 14 templates by default:

  • Inbox for Facebook is showing the Facebook Pages conversations. By clicking on a conversation is possible to get the last messages and see even the oldest messages. The template is allowing even to reply.
  • Page Reviews is showing the reviews for Facebook Pages. Is possible to select a Facebook Page and get its reviews. Each review contains the reviewer’s name, review’s description and the green icon shows if the review is positive or red if is negative.
  • Page Tagged is showing the posts where was tagged a Facebook Page(your Facebook Pages).
  • Inbox for Instagram is showing the conversations from a selected Instagram account. By clicking on a conversation, is possible to get the last messages and navigate through the messages. The template is allowing even to reply/create
    new messages.
  • Popular Media is showing the popular media from Instagram by hashtag. Each user could use up to 30 hashtags in 30 days. Is important to keep in mind this restriction.
  • Recent Media is showing the recent media by hashtag from instagram. Has same restriction like Popular Media template.
  • Account Tagged is showing the media where an instagram account was tagged.
  • RSS Reader is allowing to use a RSS or Atom feed from a website to read the news in real time. The stream will be updated in real time when the RSS or Atom has new posts.
  • Inbox for Twitter is showing the direct messages from Twitter. This template has some restrictions and it is showing only the last 100 messages with their conversations. The api is very basic and is not possible to get all
    conversation/messages like from Facebook and Instagram. To use this template is required to have a monthly paid subscription.

  • Popular Tweets is showing the most popular tweets in the last 7 days based on your search keywords/hashtags. To use this template is required to have a monthly paid subscription.
  • Recent Tweets is showing the last tweets from Twitter which are containing your search keywords. To use this template is required to have a monthly paid subscription*.
  • Live Videos is showing the Youtube lives in real time. The lives could be filtered by category and tags.
  • Recent Videos is showing the recent uploaded videos on Youtube. The videos could be filtered by country code and categories.
  • Popular Videos is showing the popular videos from Youtube. The videos could be filtered by category and by country code.

The templates for Facebook are requiring these permissions: pages_messaging, pages_manage_metadata, pages_read_engagement and pages_read_user_content.

The templates for Instagram are requiring these permissions: instagram_basic, pages_messaging and instagram_manage_messages.

The templates for Twitter could be used only with a paid subscription. More details here

The templates for Youtube are requiring review.

The app is parsing content from websites and social networks only when the user is accessing it. It saves the content in the cache, not the database. After a fixed period of time it checks each streams for new content. If a stream has
new content, it reloads it and saves new content in the cache. 

How the app is parsing the data from internet?

  • When a new stream is created, it parses the content for the first time from a website or social network.
  • The administrator should enter in the administrator panel the time period when should be checked the streams for new content.
  • For example the checking time is 5 minutes. This means each 5 minutes will be processed one tab. If is not the current tab, the user will see a red bell icon in the tab’s link(the icon means the tab has new content).
  • When the user is accessing the app, only the active tab will be checked immediately for new content. After 5 minutes will be checked for new content another tab.

This is important because otherwise the app will take minutes to be loaded due to numerous streams.

Online Documentation:



Server Requirements:

PHP 8.1, MySQL 8.0, CURL, HTTP/2.0

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Download = CRM News – gets news and direct messages in one page-[Updated].zip

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