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Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping adventure in Cube Runner Adventure! Maneuver a cube character through an endless maze of obstacles using intuitive touch-based controls. The realistic 3D camera and physics behavior make the cube’s movements feel dynamic as you swipe left or correct to change direction. Beware of four types of shapes: white boxes that protect you, red boxes that are enemies, and spiked boxes that are deadly hazards. Can you survive the challenging maze, collect coins, and achieve the highest score? It’s time to put your skills to the test in this thrilling 3D mobile game!

Reskin & Customise services.
Reskin services are available for this game. If you want to make a similar game or have ideas about the games for your website and all sorts of platforms please contact us via [email protected] Or check out our portfolio at
Reskin graphics.
Ads implementation.
Adding New levels.
Adding more features.
Export to Mobile (Apk for google play) & iOS.
Export for the Facebook instant game.
All you need to do first:
In Order to Edit the files You need the following software to get started.
Construct 3
Adobe Illustrator (optional)
Adobe Photoshop (optional)
You can Also use any other software for graphics or animations.
Main files
There are 3 file types you will find inside the download.
Html5 build, APK for Android & construct 3. Source file.
Construct 3
First, you need Construct 3 which is an online software . Go to that website and launch. If you are new take a guided tour, which will further assist you and get to know the software.
Note: You need to purchase the software license if you need to change the code. The software also has a free version for making more levels and changing graphics.
Plugins required
The plugins folder is in the main files. See how to install the plugin here
Additionally, you can download all the plugins you need for the game in the link below. They are free.
Photon engine
Gamemonetize Sdk

Event Sheet & Main Game code.
Go to the Event Sheet folder, you will see sheets associated with layouts
There are 3 Layouts Menu, LevelSelection, and Main Game.
The menu is where the Game loads Progress Data Coins etc.
LevelSelection is where Levels buttons are locked or unlocked based on the Last data received.
Main Game
3D Camera and physics behavior is used for Player movements for right and left there’s direction based on touching, and all obstacles (Shapes) have physics behavior. There are four types of shapes. white shape as a solid object that protects you from enemies shape the reds box and spices
Game Logic
Victory is based on when the player reaches the finish line level completed and a victory popup will appear.
GameOver is based on if the player’s collision with an enemy-shaped Game Over Popup will appear.
Game Save Data Local storage
The game saves Progress and coins when the victory triggers. Progress is responsible for level unlock.
They are first stored in the global variables to work, throw the layouts and store these global variables to the dictionary then saves the dictionary AsJSON to localstorage.
At the Menu sheet, the game checks the localstorage to load the dictionary.
There are different types of sound
Click sound
Gameover sound
Victory sound
background sound
Coin sound
Player hit sound
Player falling sound
White shape hit sound

Export to the web, Mobile, and Facebook instant.
Go to the Menu at the control panel Project > Export
HTML5, Facebook Instant, Android & iOS
Click any of the following as per your requirement.
Set the properties and Done.
The project will make a build for you.
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Download = Cube Runner Adventure-[Updated].zip

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