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This is the source code of a real published note taking app on Google Play Store: FunNotes

It’s a fully functional note taking app ready to be rebranded and reskinned.

* For live preview, please install the app(free)

* For more details about the app, please visit the store

Currently it’s only available on Android but should be possible to be ported with relative ease to other platforms as
the source code is written in Flutter.


  • written in the cross-platform languages Flutter and Kotlin
  • already integrated In-App purchases for premium upgrades
  • uses best packages for main app features like flutter_quill for the text editor, share_plus for sharing, and
    pigeon for host API abstraction
  • uses SQLite for high performance data lookup
  • custom database migration system handles database versioning and allows you to add database migrations easily
  • lazy note list-items rendering for high performance list, no problem handling huge list of notes, eg. even with
    tens of thousands notes, only a few of them are processed and rendered

The app is built with Flutter and Kotlin. I use VSCode as the editor and assume that you would do the same.


The code is specifically designed for Android, without consideration for any other platform.

Getting Started

  • obtain and put your google-services.json into the android/app folder. You might want to read Add Firebase
    to your Android project | Firebase for Android (
  • copy android/ to android/ and update accordingly
  • replace all occurrences of com.example.mynotesapp to your package id
  • replace all occurrences of mynotesapp
  • rename the folders android/app/src/main/kotlin/com/example/mynotesapp to reflect the new package id
  • update the appTitle in the lib/src/globals.dart file
  • update the string resource app_name in the android/app/src/main/res/values/strings.xml file
  • test build the project, see the Deployment section below

* Note that you should setup Play Store API access for play billing to work, you can confirm the play billing works
when your in-app products are showing on the UpgradeDialog.


There is no server deployment, so this is simply building the package to be uploaded to the Google Play Store.

Assuming you have Flutter installed, the deployment is straightforward of running the following scripts in the
project folder:

  • ./bump-buildversion

    This will increase the build version in pubspec.yaml (the number after the + sign on the line version:
    1.0.0+1 in the file)

  • ./build-appbundle

    This will simply run flutter build appbundle which generates the .aab file which you would need to upload to
    the Google Play Store when creating a release

Design Details

The app consists of a few screens which have widgets subscribed to some states. A state is simply just a group of
reactive variables and some methods for doing app business logic. The states might use some repositories which
handle reading and writing data to the database.

Logical View


The app consists of just a few screens:

  • HomeScreen: this is the main screen that shows the list of notes for the currently selected category. Users can
    select the active category from the list of category tabs. On the top bar there would be some buttons that are
    currently configured to be shown,they are: Search, Add Note, Compact/Full View, Settings, and Menu buttons
  • SettingsScreen: shows options to configure which buttons are visible on the top bar and the note item on the
    Home screen. There’s also appearance settings which are only available in the Pro Edition of the app (users will
    need to purchase a paid upgrade). There’s also options to export or import the data and also options to manage
    hidden notes password
  • ArchiveScreen: shows the list of archived notes. Here users can choose to select notes to be unarchived or
    deleted. The deleted notes will be shown on the Trash screen
  • TrashScreen: shows the list of deleted notes. Here users can choose to select notes to be restored/undeleted or
    permanently deleted
  • NoteScreen: shows the note editor. The editor supports rich text editing and embeds (only available to Starter
    Edition). Users can also add annotations/drawings which are shown on top of the text and images/videos embeds


States are split according to their domain to minimize widget updates (only widgets that are subscribed to the states
will be rebuilt). The states are:

  • CategoryState: handles category business logic, including: adding, deleting, patching, reordering categories
  • NoteState: handles note business logic, including: adding, deleting, archiving, restoring, reordering, and
    getting notes for current active filters of archived, deleted, hidden, and search query filters
  • DragState: provides notes and categories dragging states
  • SettingsState: handles settings business logic
  • EditState: handles notes editing business logic
  • FocusState
  • VendingState: provide current license tier state


There are few repositories in the app which handles reading and writing data to the database. They are grouped
according to their domain, which are:

  • CategoryRepository
  • NoteRepository
  • SettingsRepository
  • VendingRepository


The app uses SQLite to store all the data which consists of notes, categories, settings, and cached purchases.

Database Migration

Migrating the database is simply done by opening the repositories/migrations.dart file and adding another migrate()
call to the bottom of the list in the migrateAll function.

* Note that the migrate() calls should never be reordered after publishing the app to maintain correct version check
order, otherwise some migrations won’t be executed. This is a tradeoff from using the switch/case structure which
has more boilerplates when adding a migration.


FunNotes is a customizable note taking app with a focus on text editing and personalization. Choose from a variety of
colors and buttons visibility to make your notes truly your own. With FunNotes, taking notes has never been so fun
and easy!


  • Manage notes with ease: add, delete, pin, hide, edit, reorder, move to other categories, archive, delete
    forever, unarchive, and undelete.
  • Create categories to organize your notes and customize them with the option to add, delete, rename, and reorder
  • Rich text formatting options: bold, italic, font, color, background color, and many more. Insert images, videos,
    emojis to your notes
  • Annotations and drawings: create them within your notes
  • Share your notes as images
  • Customize the visible buttons and appearance of FunNotes, including options for dark mode, base theme, default
    note background/pin color, per note background/pin color, and more
  • Easily search through your notes and highlight found search terms
  • Export and backup your notes to ensure your data is always safe
  • Import and restore your notes to switch between devices or recover lost data

These are just a few of the many powerful features that make FunNotes the ultimate note-taking tool. Try FunNotes
today and start taking notes in a fun and personalized way!

** Please note that certain features mentioned may be premium and require a paid upgrade. Please refer to the
upgrade options below for more details.

Upgrade Options

You can easily upgrade and access premium features through in-app purchases.


  • All the Free features
  • Import backup
  • Text formatting
  • Image/video/camera embeds


  • All the Starter features
  • Annotations/drawings
  • Customizations

We have numerous features planned for development in our roadmap. Your support for the app would be greatly
appreciated. Thank you.

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Download = Customizable Note Taking App Flutter and Kotlin Source Code-[Updated].zip

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