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Dependent Controls Library

Dependent Controls is a library for making dependent drop-downs quickly and easily. It is written in pure ES6 JavaScript / TypeScript and doesn’t have any dependencies. The library supports SELECTs, radio buttons, and any other custom HTML. Any CSS framework can be used for styling.

General Features

  • The library supports SELECT drop-downs, radio buttons, and any custom HTML…
  • Any CSS framework or custom CSS can be used for styling.
  • The library is written in modern ES6 + TypeScript; no dependencies are required.
  • It has three data source options: one JSON file, a direct JavaScript object, or a custom function that maximizes flexibility and allows to perform AJAX requests.
  • There is local storage, session storage, and cookies support.
  • Deep links support.
  • Extensive documentation is included.
  • It’s possible to have any number of controls on the same page.
  • The user ultimately defines all look & feel of the page; The library has minimal CSS styles.

Data Sources

The library supports three main data sources:

  • Single JSON file. In this case, all data is placed within a single JSON file, which is loaded once on page load.
  • Javascript object. This data source is the simplest one. Just create a JavaScript object and pass it to the library via the dataSource property.
  • Custom function. The custom function allows to apply any logic and, for example, bring data from the server-side (via AJAX requests).

The library supports storage to save the current state and restore it after page refresh or when the back button is pressed.

  • Local storage – this is persistent storage that keeps data even if the user closes the browser.
  • Session storage – it will be cleared when the browser session is over, typically when the user closes the browser.
  • Cookies – unlike local and session storage, cookie values can be used on the server too. It’s also possible to define cookies’ expiration date.
  • Deep Links – special links that send users directly into the predefined drop-down selection state.

Callbacks & APIs

Th library has various callback function that may be used to apply the custom logic:

  • onSubmit.
  • onReset.
  • onChangeStart.
  • onChangeEnd.
  • onDisableControl.
  • onEnableControl.

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Download = Dependent Controls Library-[Updated].zip

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