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Enefti Enterprise Bundle Includes:

  • Enefti – NFT Marketplace Core ($299)
  • WordPress NFT Creator ($99)
  • WordPress NFT Bulk Minting ($99)
  • MetaMask Authenticator for WordPress & WooCommerce ($49)
  • Restrict Content By NFT ($99)
  • Media Types For Enefti NFT Marketplace Core (Addon) ($49)
  • KYC – Know Your Customer ($49)
  • Discount by NFT for WooCommerce (addon) ($99)
  • Blockchain Explorer (CryptoCurrency & NFT) ($99)
  • WalletConnect Authenticator for WordPress & WooCommerce ($99)

Enefti Enterprise Bundle Benefits:

  • Reach greater heights with your NFT Marketplace.
  • Get the Enefti Core + all the currently existing addons at once.
  • Live chat support from our help agents.
  • A highly-skilled developers team to implement any new feature in your NFT Marketplace.
  • Use the Enterprise License on 3 different domains.
  • and more!

Enefti – NFT Marketplace Core is finally here. The waiting is now over. Creating a full NFT Marketplace in WordPress has never been so easy. We’ve put effort into a $30.000 USD project and added all the functionalities included on this plugin at only $299. Road Map

NFT Marketplace Features:

  • NFT Owners/Artists/Sellers can:
    • Purchase NFTs.
    • Sell NFTs
    • Resale NFTs
    • Create NFTs
    • Import NFTs
    • Mint NFTs *
    • Add the NFT to favourites.
    • Track how many views an NFT has.
    • Create collections.
    • Plan NFT releases
    • Sell multiple NFTs in one transaction
    • Make NFT purchaseble for a custom period of time.
    • Edit NFT’s metadata
    • Vendor Panel
      • Manage all NFTs in one place
        • Edit
        • Delete
        • Update
      • Manage Collections
        • Edit
        • Update
        • Create
      • Manage NFT Contracts directly on the blockchain
        • Update NFT’s image location
        • Update royalties
        • Maximum mint number
        • And many more functions that the contract has.
      • Logout
      • Edit user information
        • Cover Image
        • Link Account With
          • MetaMask
          • WalletConnect
        • Social Links
          • Facebook
          • Youtube
          • Instagram
  • Show NFTs in
    • Categories
    • Collections
  • Shortcodes (Elementor and WPBakery)
    • Owner Profile List
    • Recent Category
    • Collections Group
  • A lot of integrations with:
    • MetaMask Authenticator – Authenticate/Create Account/Link Existing Account with MetaMask inside WordPress.
    • WalletConnect Authenticator – Authenticate/Create Account/Link Existing Account with WalletConnect inside WordPress.
    • NFT Creator – Create NFTs directly inside WordPress (works without the NFT Marketplace Core).
    • Media Types For Enefti NFT Marketplace Core – Display a multitude of media types on your Marketplace.
  • Quality of Life
    • Multi-Blockchain Solution (ANY EVM BLOCKCHAIN)
    • The NFTs are completly compliant with the MetaData standard. (meaning all your NFTs will show normall on any other dApp be it Wallets, other Markets or Games)
    • Sell NFTs on your website or/and let other users sell theirs/yours.
    • Add-ons Manager
    • Themes Manager
    • Autoupdates for all our purchased addons
    • License Manager
    • More than 8 Action Hooks
    • Online Documentation.
    • Multilingual (via Loco Translate or WPML)
    • Dark & Light Modes
    • Compatible with any theme
    • Hooks for Developers
    • Voiced tutorials
    • Easy to use and manage
    • Multiple ways to earn money
    • Plugin Settings for displaying what components go where and a lot more.
  • Marketplace Owners can:
    • Manage Marketplace Fees (a % of the nft’s value after sale).
    • Deploy contracts for someone else.
    • Deploy contracts on multiple blockchains.
  • Pages:
    • NFT Single: A page displaying the NFT alongside it’s details and price.
    • NFT Author: A page displaying the Author of the NFT and the NFTs he owns.
    • NFT Listings: A page with all the NFTs available on the website alongside filters and search.
  • Contract:
    • Secure
    • Audited (Using ThirdWeb)
    • Gas optimized
    • Fast
    • Easy to extend funcionality

Video Tutorials:

When Documentation is not enough! *New Video Tutorial released!

Check out the video playlist on YouTube

Enefti Core Roadmap:

  1. Checkout this page inside the documentation to see an up to date version.
  2. Checkout the Change Log to see what we have worked on the current version.

Works perfectly with:

Frequent Asked Questions

Q: A Prerequisites list?
A: Yes, please see the list here

Q: Are there any server requirements?
A: The optimal server requirements can be checked here

Q: Do I need to activate my license?
A: Yes, the plugin isn’t working if not activated. How to activate

Q: I got access by purchasing the Enefti Theme. How to activate?
A: Use the item purchase key received on your Enefti theme purchase.

Q: Enefti Theme vs Enefti Marketplace Core?
A: These are two different products and should not be threated like one. Please read why here

Q: Is the MetaMask addon included?
A: No! You should purchase it from CodeCanyon separately, here

Q: Is the NFT Creator addon included?
A: No! You should purchase it from CodeCanyon separately, here

Q: Is the Enefti Core compatible with Elrond network?
A: No!

Change LOG

Kindly Note: We update new contents like WordPress Themes, Plugins, PHP Scripts everyday. But remember that you should never use this items in a commercial website. All the contents posted here for development & testing purpose only. We’re not responsible for any damage, use at your own RISK! We highly recommend to buy Enefti – NFT Marketplace Core (Enterprise Bundle) from the The Developer ( modeltheme ) website. Thank you.
Download = Enefti – NFT Marketplace Core (Enterprise Bundle)-[Updated].zip

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