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Fundik is a groundbreaking decentralized web application that revolutionizes the way crowdfunding operates. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology and embracing the world of cryptocurrencies, Fundik brings transparency, security, and inclusivity to the crowdfunding landscape like never before.

Fundik introduces a new paradigm for crowdfunding, offering a seamless and trustless experience to both project creators and supporters. Built on the principles of Web3, our platform leverages the inherent advantages of blockchain, enabling individuals and organizations to raise funds and contribute to causes with ease, efficiency, and confidence.

At Fundik, we understand the limitations and challenges faced by traditional crowdfunding platforms. Issues such as lack of transparency, delayed fund transfers, high fees, and limited global accessibility have long plagued the industry. With our innovative solution, we aim to overcome these hurdles and empower a new generation of creators and backers.

By integrating cryptocurrency payments into the Fundik platform, we embrace the benefits of digital currencies and eliminate the need for traditional fiat transactions. This opens up a world of opportunities for project creators, as they can now reach a global audience without the limitations imposed by geographical boundaries or complex banking systems. Moreover, backers gain the ability to support projects with ease, using their preferred digital assets.

Transparency lies at the core of Fundik’s design. Utilizing the immutable nature of blockchain technology, we provide an unalterable record of every transaction and contribution made on our platform. This ensures that project creators are held accountable and that backers can easily track the progress of projects they support. Through smart contracts and decentralized governance mechanisms, Fundik fosters a fair and transparent ecosystem, enhancing trust and credibility in the crowdfunding process.

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What Blockchains are supported?

  • Ethereum Mainnet
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Polygon [has issues recently]
  • Celo
  • Arbitrum

How It Works

Admin Panel:
  • The admin sets the equivalent price of each token in USD.
User Registration and Account Creation:
  • Regular users can sign up and create an account.
Fundraising Campaign Creation:
  • Users can initiate a fundraising campaign.
  • The campaign creator sets the campaign’s goal in USD.
  • The start and end times for the campaign are specified.
Campaign Approval:
  • The admin approves the campaign for it to go public.
Donation Process:
  • During an active campaign (before reaching the goal), users can donate funds.
  • Donators have the option to retrieve their donations at any time during the campaign.
Campaign Completion:
  • If the campaign does not reach its goal by the end time, the campaign creator cannot claim the donation amount.
  • Donators have the option to retrieve their donations if the goal is not met.
Successful Campaign:
  • If the campaign reaches its goal by the end time, the creator can claim the funds.

What stack is the marketplace built with?

  • React.js
  • Web3.js
  • Truffle Suite
  • Solidity
  • Bootstrap 5
  • WalletConnect v2


We are located in GMT +5:30 time zone and we answer all questions within 12-24 hours in weekdays. In some rare cases the waiting time can be to 48 hours. (except holiday seasons which might take longer).


     Version 1.0 (18 July, 2023)
     - Initial Release

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