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Unleash the full potential of your imagination with Luminar, the revolutionary AI Image Generator. Luminar empowers you to effortlessly transform your ideas into mesmerizing visual wonders. Whether you’re an aspiring artist, a seasoned creative, or simply someone with a knack for innovation, Luminar invites you to explore the endless realms of artistic expression.

Features You’ll Love:
AI-Powered Creativity at Your Fingertips: Immerse yourself in the magic of AI-driven artistry. Luminar’s cutting-edge algorithms take your prompts and weave them into remarkable, lifelike images that reflect your imagination. From serene landscapes to abstract compositions, the possibilities are limitless.

Diverse Artistic Styles: Elevate your creativity with an extensive array of artistic styles. Choose from a curated selection of classic, contemporary, and avant-garde styles to infuse your generated images with a unique aesthetic that resonates with your artistic vision.

Aspect Ratio Customization: Crafting images for a specific platform has never been easier. Luminar lets you seamlessly adjust the aspect ratio, ensuring that your creations are tailor-made for everything from Instagram posts to high-resolution wallpapers.

Save, Organize, and Cherish: Build your personal gallery of AI-generated marvels. Save your favorite creations within the app and organize them for quick access. Each image becomes a piece of your digital legacy, ready to be admired at any moment.

Favorites Collection: With a single tap, mark the images that truly captivate your heart as favorites. Curate a collection that showcases your personal artistic journey and evolution. Your favorites represent not just images, but emotions and stories captured in pixels.

Seamless Social Sharing: Share your creations with the world effortlessly. Luminar connects you to your favorite social networks, allowing you to share your AI-generated artworks and receive accolades from friends, followers, and fellow creatives.

Unveil Inspiring Prompts: Dive into a treasure trove of the most compelling prompts that ignite the AI’s creative genius. Discover the words and phrases that lead to astonishing outcomes and uncover the secrets to consistently producing stunning images.

Luminar invites you to rediscover your world through the lens of AI-generated artistry. It’s not just an app; it’s a transformative experience that turns your imagination into tangible, shareable beauty. Elevate your creative journey – download Luminar today and witness the fusion of technology and art in action.


  • Weekly subscription with a 3 days free period
  • Google AdMob Interstitial & Rewarded
  • Push-notifications
  • Google Firebase analytics & content management
  • App onboarding process
  • Ready-made database of prompts
  • Fully integrated DALL-E API service

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