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In the game “Magical Archer,” you will enter an enchanting fantasy world where you take on the role of a magical archer with the task of collecting a collection of magical bottles. These bottles contain various spells and enchantments.

Gameplay: The game consists of 16 levels, each of which presents a challenge to your archery skills. At the beginning of each level, you stand in front of a glass that needs to be shattered. To do this, you must set the angle and strength of your shot so that the arrow precisely hits the target.

The game offers 6 different types of magical bottles, each with its own color and magical properties. To unlock a bottle, you need to break a certain number of glassees of a specific color across different levels. For example, to unlock a red bottle, you might need to shatter 4 red glasses on specific levels.

During the game, you’ll be able to improve your shooting skills, which will help you overcome challenging levels and collect bottles faster and more efficiently. You’ll also have to tackle trials and puzzles.

The game boasts excellent graphics in a fantasy style, an engaging soundtrack, and various challenges that allow players to develop their skills and strategic thinking.

The objective of the game is to collect all 6 magical bottles, unlocking them one by one, and become a true magical archer with the most powerful abilities in this fantastical world.

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