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My Puki is a virtual pet HTML5 game where you can take care of Puki by feed and play with, the more you interact with Puki the more XP will earn to help purchase new extra items, be sure to fulfill your Puki needs meter or else Puki will be sad and die.

The ZIP package contains the game with 1024×768 resolution that scales proportionally to fit current screen device.

You can start the game with full amount of XP or reset the game by select the option in Modify page.

How To Play:
1. Fulfil your Puki’s meter with toys.
2. Fulfil your Puki’s health with foods.
3. Unfulfilled needs can make Puki sad and die.
4. Gain more XP to buy new extra items.

Pet interaction:
1. Puki always follow your mouse or finger touch area.
2. Puki walk and run action change base on mouse/touch distance.
3. Puki will jump if mouse/touch distance is higher than Puki.
4. You can pull up Puki by dragging him around.
5. When mouse/touch is idle, Puki will sit down and continue to sleep.
6. Without any interaction of items in certain time, Puki will stop following mouse/touch and start idle action.
7. Double click to call Puki follow mouse/touch again.
8. Unfulfilled of fun will make Puki sad and lost energy (no more running).
9. Unfulfilled of health will make Puki hungry and lost energy (no more running).
10. Puki will ignore calling when is sad or sick.
11. Continue of unfulfilled of health can lead Puki to death.

Items interaction:
1. Tennis Ball – throw the ball and Puki will chase it and grab it
2. Bubble Toy – rollover or touch Puki to make bubble on him
3. Comb – rollover or touch Puki to start hairbrush
4. Fortune Cat – Puki will start sit down and focus on fortune cat head shake
5. Rubber Duck – Puki will ride on the duck and have fun
6. Spacesuit – Puki will change to spacesuit and start flying follow mouse, catch the star get additional XP.


  • 25+ Pet Animations (Sprite sheet animation include .fla Flash Animation file)
  • 13 Toys and Foods (Can insert more food)
  • XP experience to buy new extra items
  • Complete game customization (Text Display, Fulfil number, Animation Speed…)
  • High Definition (1024×768)
  • Auto-Resize (Responsive)
  • Mouse and Touch Controls
  • Playable in all platforms (Mobile, PC, etc.)
  • Browser not support page
  • Mobile rotate instruction (For Landscape Only)
  • Make with CreateJS

You also may check out the Pet Animations.

Version 1.5:
- Fixed audio not playing in Chrome browser

Version 1.4:
- Added fullscreen button

Version 1.3:
- Fixed iOS Safari fullscreen

Version 1.2:
- Updated CreateJS

Version 1.1:
- Fixed internet explorer 9,10

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Download = My Puki (Virtual Pet) – HTML5 Game-[Updated].zip

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