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Onest LMS – LiveClass Addon – Elevate Online Learning with Interactive Live

The LiveClass Addon is a dynamic extension that enhances the online learning
experience by enabling interactive live classes on your platform. With
advanced features and seamless integration, this addon empowers educators to
deliver engaging real-time instruction, foster collaboration among students,
and create an immersive virtual classroom environment.


Please note that the LiveClass Addon for Onest LMS is an integrated
solution and requires an active Onest LMS installation to function. If you
haven’t purchased Onest LMS yet, you can
click here

to purchase and unlock the full potential of SocialLogin Addon.

For optimal performance, please ensure that your Onest LMS platform is
up-to-date and compatible with the LiveChat Addon. In case of any
technical issues or compatibility concerns, our dedicated support team is
available to assist you.

How does it work?

  1. Integration: Seamlessly integrate the LiveClass Addon
    into your existing learning management system or online education
    platform. Follow the step-by-step instructions in the documentation for a
    smooth installation process.
  2. Live Class Setup: Once installed, instructors can
    schedule and set up live classes within the platform. Define the class
    date, time, duration, and other details to create a structured learning
  3. Real-Time Instruction: During the scheduled live class,
    instructors can utilize video and audio streaming to deliver real-time
    instruction. Engage with students, provide explanations, answer questions,
    and encourage active participation.
  4. Interactive Features: The LiveClass Addon offers
    interactive features such as chat, Q&A sessions, and virtual whiteboards.
    Students can communicate with instructors and peers, share ideas, ask
    questions, and collaborate in real time.
  5. Content Delivery: Enhance content delivery by sharing
    screens, presentations, documents, and multimedia resources during live
    classes. Visual aids and multimedia elements enrich the learning
    experience and support student comprehension.
  6. Recording and Playback: Record live class sessions for
    later reference or for students who may have missed the session. Recorded
    sessions can be made available for on-demand playback, ensuring access to
    the content at any time.
  7. Attendance and Participation Tracking: Monitor student
    attendance and participation in live classes. Keep track of engagement
    levels, identify active contributors, and gather insights for performance
    evaluation and personalized support.
  8. Interactive Polls and Quizzes: Conduct real-time polls
    and quizzes to assess student understanding, measure learning progress,
    and encourage active participation. Instantly collect and analyze
    responses to tailor instruction and address knowledge gaps.
  9. Breakout Rooms: Create smaller discussion groups within
    the live class session using breakout rooms. Facilitate focused
    collaboration, group activities, or peer-to-peer learning to foster
    teamwork, critical thinking, and networking opportunities.
  10. User-friendly Interface: The LiveClass Addon provides an
    intuitive and user-friendly interface for instructors and students. The
    interface ensures easy navigation, access to live class features, and a
    minimal learning curve for all users.
  11. Documentation and Support: Access comprehensive
    documentation and support resources provided with the addon for
    installation, configuration, and utilization. In case of any questions or
    technical issues, our dedicated support team is available to assist you.

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