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Note: this is an add-on. You must have a recent PrivateContent version to use it.

Your users. Your Data. Effortlessly!

Knowledge is power: through this add-on you can virtually track any activity done by your PrivateContent users on your websites.
No external service needed, no cookies, data ownershipis is totally yours.

Built to be usable and enjoyable by anyone without any partcular skill, start tracking common PrivateContent actions with just one click. Do you have minimum WordPress/javascript skills? The engine covers both server and client side actions.
Want to know have statistics about clicks on a button in a targeted page? Know which user triggered a specific WordPress hook in a specific time span? Well, now you can!

Each activity can have unlimited meta-data associated, to attach additional details.
They can also be numeric: let the add-no create income statistics or numeric sums for you.

Super-targeted activity reports: choose the time span, include how many activity types you want, filter them by activity meta or targeting specific user segments and let the add-on elaborate your data.

An interactive chart will display the monthly/daily/hourly (and even per minute!) trend. Underneath, the fetched data detail for each activity type: where data can be grouped by one or two dimensions. For example you will be able to know how many page views have been performed on each week day and how many time each user visited a single page.

Each report configuration can be saved to be quickly displayed. And even more: each report can be immediately exported in PDF with a single click!

You can receive statistics about your website usage even not opening your web browser: the add-on can send e-mails attaching the PDF version and also printing a summary table in the e-mail text. (this system requires Mail Actions add-on)

On each user dashboard you find the complete activities timeline of what they did on the website!
Check the complete features list:

  • No third-party services needed
  • No tracking cookie used
  • 100% data ownership
  • Optional data-usage disclaimer mode, requiring users clearance to collect their data
  • Activity types
    • Pre-set activity types registered by each PrivateContent suite product
    • Unlimited custom activity types
    • Unlimited meta-data attachable to each activity type
    • Numeric meta-data with optional numeric unit to get numeric reports and charts (eg. pay subscription incomes)
    • Triggerable by any wordpress hook or javascript event (or through API functions)
    • Each activity trigger can be disabled, to collect only what matters to you
  • Activity reports
    • Real-time data collection (reports may include activities done few seconds before)
    • Various pre-set time spans
    • Monthly, daily, hourly and even per-minute data chart
    • Activities count or numeric meta-data sum reports
    • Multi-activity type cmparison in the same chart
    • Each activity type involved can have extra filters, targeting user segments or meta-data values
    • Interactive lines/bars chart representing fetched data for each time step involved
    • Fetched activities table, grouped by one or two dimensions (user field, activity meta, date, page, etc.)
    • Previous period comparison (increase/decrease percentage)
    • Unlimited savable report configurations
    • Any displayed report can be exported as PDF in one click
  • Real-time activites view

    • Target any event type or specific ones
    • 15-seconds data fetching interval to know what is happening right now on your website
    • Real-time activities table population including username and page link
  • User activities timeline

    • Complete list of single user activities, right in his dashboard
    • Each activity reports also the related website page link and attached meta-data
    • Search activities by type or date span
  • Scheduled e-mail reports (requires Mail Actions add-on)
    • Unlimited yearly, monthly, daily, hourly (or even by week day) schduled e-mails, attaching a PDF report
    • Receive them whenever you prefer (precise hour/minute setup)
    • Multi-receivers supported
    • Optionally use Mail Actions add-on template
    • Textual placeholders to inject dynamic data (report name, report dates, quick statistics, etc)
    • E-mail process pause
  • WordPress dashboard widgets
    • Unlimited widgets
    • Choose which activity type (or related numeric meta-data) to target
    • Choose the target time-span
    • Each widget shows the actities count or meta-data sum + related minimal chart image
    • Previous period comparison automatically performed, showing increase/decrease percentages
  • European, american and ISO date formats
  • European and american time formats
  • Customizable date parts separator
  • Selectable default layout (bars/lines) for both on-website and PDF charts
  • Optional PDF header/footer to be prined on each page, with special textual placeholders

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