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Welcome to the Drawing tools!
Drawing tools are instruments that artists use to create drawings. Some common drawing tools include pencils, shapes, text, math, image, smart drawing, etc.


  • Pencils: Used for sketching and drawing. They come in various thicknesses and colors, allowing for detailed and creative drawings.
  • Eraser: Used to remove pencil or ink marks from the canvas. It can erase whole sections or fine details, depending on its size.
  • Lasso tool: Allows you to select a specific area of your drawing or image. You can then move, resize, or delete the selected area.
  • Shapes: Provides pre-defined shapes like circles, squares, triangles etc. You can customize their size, color, and orientation.
  • Insert Text: Allows you to add text to your drawing. You can choose the font, size, and color of the text.
  • Math Editor: A tool for writing mathematical equations or formulas in your drawing.
  • Insert Image: Lets you add images to your drawing from your device or from an online source.
  • Smart Drawing: Automatically transforms simple shapes or lines into smooth and symmetrical shapes.
  • Copy/Paste and Delete: Allows you to duplicate elements in your drawing, remove them, or move them to a different location.
  • Bring to front/Send to back: Changes the order of elements in your drawing. You can bring elements to the front or send them to the back.
  • Board management (create/delete board, switch board): Helps you manage multiple drawing boards or pages within a single project.
  • Redo/Undo: Lets you revert your last action or reapply it if you’ve undone it.
  • Lock/UnLock Screen: Prevents accidental changes by locking the screen. Unlock it when you want to make changes again.
  • Zoom in/Zoom out: Allows you to get a closer look at your drawing or view it from a distance.
  • Change background: Lets you customize the background of your drawing with different colors or patterns.
  • Fit to screen: Adjusts the size of your drawing so it fits perfectly on your screen.
  • Export to image: Allows you to save your drawing as an image file on your device.
  • Support shortcuts (Copy/Paste, Delete, Bring to front, Send to back): Provides keyboard shortcuts for various actions, making it quicker and easier to use the tools.

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