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SecureLogin Plus: Premium 2FA Addon for Onest LMS

The 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) addon for Onest LMS is a specialized
security solution designed exclusively for Onest LMS users. This powerful
addon seamlessly integrates with your Onest LMS platform, providing you with
an extra layer of protection to enhance the security of your users’ accounts
and data. With 2FA enabled, users logging into their Onest LMS accounts will
be required to provide two forms of identification: their regular login
credentials (username and password) and a unique, one-time verification
code. This verification code is typically sent to the user’s registered
email or mobile device, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access
their accounts. By implementing 2FA in Onest LMS, you significantly reduce
the risk of unauthorized access, data breaches, and potential security
threats. It offers an additional level of security against password
guessing, brute-force attacks, and phishing attempts. Empower your students,
instructors, and administrators with enhanced account security and peace of
mind. The 2FA addon for Onest LMS fosters a safer learning environment,
safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring the continuity of
educational processes. Implement the 2FA addon for Onest LMS and take
proactive steps to protect your users’ accounts and maintain a trustworthy
and secure platform for all users.


Please note that the Two-Factor Addon for
Onest LMS
is an integrated solution and requires an active Onest LMS installation to
function. If you haven’t purchased Onest LMS yet, you can
click here

to purchase and unlock the full potential of Two-Factor Addon.

For optimal performance, please ensure that your Onest LMS platform is
up-to-date and compatible with the Two-Factor Addon. In case of any
technical issues or compatibility concerns, our dedicated support team is
available to assist you.


Login Student
Email [email protected]
Password 123456
Demo Link
Login instructor
Email [email protected]
Password 123456
Demo Link
Login Admin
Email [email protected]
Password 123456
Demo Link

How does it work?

  1. Effortless Integration: Setting up the Two-Factor
    Authentication Addon for Onest LMS is a breeze. Clear instructions and
    step-by-step guidance ensure a smooth integration process, requiring no
    complex coding or technical expertise.
  2. Robust Account Security: Once installed, SecureLogin
    fortifies your Onest LMS platform with an extra layer of security. Users
    will be prompted to enter a unique one-time verification code along with
    their login credentials, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized
    access and data breaches.
  3. Flexible Enrollment: Users can easily enroll in 2FA by
    linking their accounts with a trusted device. They have the option to
    choose from SMS, email, or authenticator app as their preferred method for
    receiving verification codes.
  4. Backup Options: SecureLogin offers backup authentication
    methods, ensuring users can access their accounts even if their primary
    device is unavailable. Users can set up alternate contact methods for
    added convenience.
  5. Administrator Control: As an administrator, you have
    complete control over 2FA settings. Enforce 2FA for all users or implement
    role-based requirements, tailoring security measures to suit your
    organization’s needs.
  6. User-Friendly Experience: SecureLogin provides a seamless
    login process for users. The time-sensitive verification codes ensure a
    smooth and secure login experience, without causing inconvenience.

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WhatsApp: +8801959 335555





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