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About TCG CRM – Django CRM With Agency Website

TCG CRM is a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
platform built with Django, designed specifically for agencies
and businesses. It seamlessly integrates a powerful CRM system
with an elegant agency website, providing a cohesive solution
for both clients and administrators.

Important Notice

Please Note: Utilizing TCG CRM requires basic to
intermediate knowledge of Python, particularly as it relates to
Django. If you’re not familiar with these technologies, we
recommend consulting the included Quick Start Guide or seeking
assistance from a knowledgeable professional. This ensures a
smooth implementation and operation of the CRM system.

Key Features:

  • Front Website:

    1. Pages: Home, About, Services, Pricing,
      Projects, Blogs, Contact, Agreement Sign
    2. Content Sections: Slider, Teams, Services,
      Projects, Testimonials, Fun Facts, Clients, Blogs,
      Social Links
    3. User Interaction: Subscription and Contact
      Forms, Agreement Sign Form
    4. Customization: Dark/Light Mode, Cookie Accept
    5. Footer: Multiple Columns of Data
    6. Admin Notifications: Automatic Email
      Notifications for Agreement Signups
    7. Dynamic Sitemap: Complete
      dynamic sitemap
  • Admin Panel/Dashboard:

    1. Multiple Dashboards: Admin Dashboard for
      Website Management, CRM Dashboard for
      Client/Project/Invoice Management
    2. Content Management: Manage Website Pages,
      Blogs, and Blog Categories
    3. Projects/Portfolio: Manage Projects and
      Project Categories
    4. Services: Manage Services
    5. Frontend Elements: Manage Slider,
      Testimonials, Fun Facts, Team Members, Clients, and
    6. Form Data: View and Delete Contact Form
      Submissions, Approve Agreements, Manage Subscribers
    7. User Management: Create, Delete, and Edit
      User Data with Different Roles
    8. Marketing: Send Bulk Emails to Subscribers
    9. Settings: Configure Website Settings,
      Header/Footer, Menus, SEO Settings
    10. Individual Profiles and Roles: Three Roles –
      Admin, Editor, User
  • CRM Dashboard:

    1. Data Overview: Monitor Revenue, Expenses,
      Profit, Tickets, Invoices, and Payments
    2. Client Management: Create, Delete, and Edit
      Client Data
    3. Tickets: Manage Client-Submitted Tickets with
      Status Tracking
    4. Project Management: Create, Delete, and Edit
      Projects for Clients
    5. Invoice Management: Create, Delete, Edit
      Invoices, Add Products, Discounts, and Send Invoices
      via Email
    6. Item Management: Manage Item Categories
    7. Task Management: Create, Delete, and Edit
      Tasks for Monitoring
    8. Payments Management: Add, Delete, and Update
      Payments for Invoices
    9. Expense Management: Create, Delete, and Edit
      Company Expenses
  • User Dashboard:

    1. User Data Overview: Greetings, Total
      Projects, Invoices, Payments, Due Counts, and
    2. Tickets: Users Can Create, View, and Reply to
      Their Tickets
    3. Projects: View Project Details, Progress,
      Payments, Invoices, Tickets, and Tasks
    4. Invoice: View and Print Invoices
    5. Payments: View Payments for Their Invoices
    6. Agreements: View Agreement Status
    7. Profile: Edit Profile Details, Change
  • Security
    1. SQL Injection Protection
    2. CSRF Protection
    3. Password hashing
    4. Secure authentication
    5. Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Protection

Demo Website:

Experience the features of TCG CRM by visiting our demo website:

Visit demo website: Website

Visit admin dashboard: Admin Dashboard

Visit CRM dashboard: CRM Dashboard

Demo Credentials:


Username: admin

Password: 123456


Username: user

Password: User12@#

Quick Start Guide:

To assist users who are new to Django and Python, we’ve included
a Quick Start Guide in our documentation. This guide provides
step-by-step instructions to get your CRM up and running, and
explains how to make the most of all the features included in

Check online documentation here

Why Choose TCG CRM?

TCG CRM offers a unique combination of a powerful CRM system and
an agency website in one package. With its user-friendly
interface, robust features, and scalability, TCG CRM empowers
your team to deliver exceptional client experiences while
efficiently managing projects and tasks.

For more information or to purchase TCG CRM, please contact our


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 v1.3 (Coming Soon)
    [Coming]   -  Advance agreement signing
    [Coming]   -  New marketing features
    [Coming]   -  New SEO features
    [Coming]   -  New UI
    [Coming]   -  Advance invoicing system
    [Coming]   -  Forget password
    so on...

 v1.2 (28 Aug, 2023)
    [Added]   -  .env file for configure the system
    [Added]   -  Agreement signing
    [Added]   -  Ajax subscribtion system
    [Added]   -  Email marketing system
    [Added]   -  One click invoice email
    [Added]   -  Auto email on New Signup, Agreement Sign & Approve
    [Added]   -  Email marketing ( Bulk email sending )
    [Added]   -  Dynamic sitemap
    [Updated] -  CRM Item/Product system
    [Updated] -  Complete new UI for the agency website
    [Updated] -  Improvements in CSS and JS
    [Fixed]   -  Critical responsive issue
    [Fixed]   -  Critical dashboard issue
 v1.1 (3 Aug, 2023)
    [Added]   -  User dashboard with various features
    [Added]   -  Client management system
    [Fixed]   -  some minor bugs for Dashboard
    [Fixed]   -  some minor bugs for responsive
    [Updated] -  Improvements in CSS and JS
 v1.0 (8 July, 2023)
   - Initial Release

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Download = TCG CRM – Django CRM With Agency Website-[Updated].zip

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