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Note: This is a module for Perfex CRM.

Brief description

Webhooks module for Perfex is a module that will allow to exchange realtime information between Perfex CRM and every other service that supports webhooks, making possibilities and automation unlimited.

Webhooks are one way that apps can send automated messages or information to other apps. It’s how Twilio routes SMS and phone calls to your number, how WooCommerce can notify you about new orders in Slack, how MailChimp signup users from your website to your newsletter, etc.

Take a look at three sample Webhook creations for popular services, below:

Sample Webhook creation for Zapier:

Sample Webhook creation for Xero:

Sample Webhook creation for Mailwizz:

Supported Functions

Our module supports the following list of Perfex’s CRM functions, in its current version:

  1. Leads
  2. Customers
  3. Invoice
  4. Tasks
  5. Projects
  6. Proposals

Supported Events

The following events are supported(where Perfex provides an available hook):

  1. Create
  2. Delete

Supported Methods

The following methods are included in every webhook creation:

  1. GET
  2. POST
  3. PUT
  4. PATCH

Supported Request Headers

The following Request Headers are supported:

  1. Accept
  2. Accept-Charset
  3. Accept-Encoding
  4. Accept-Language
  5. Accept-Datetime
  6. Authorization
  7. Cache-Control
  8. Connection
  9. Cookie
  10. Content-Length
  11. Content-Type
  12. Date
  13. Expect
  14. Forwarded
  15. From
  16. Host
  17. If-Match
  18. If-Modified-Since
  19. If-None-Match
  20. If-Range
  21. If-Unmodified-Since
  22. Max-Forwards
  23. Origin
  24. Pragma
  25. Proxy-Authorization
  26. Range
  27. Referer
  28. TE
  29. User-Agent
  30. Upgrade
  31. Via
  32. Warning
  33. Every custom header is supported aswell!

Custom Fields Support

Our module also supports Custom Fields (Keys + Values)

Webhooks vs REST API

Wondering what’s the difference of Webhooks, compared to a REST API?
A webhook is a lightweight API that powers one-way data sharing triggered by events, whereas an API (Application Programming Interface) enables two-way communication between software applications driven by requests.

Webhook, also called reverse API, web callback, or an HTTP push API is a way for an app to provide other applications with real-time information. It delivers data as an event happens or almost immediately and it is less resource-intensive because it saves you time on constantly polling (checking) for new data.

The main difference between them is that webhooks do not need to give a request to get a response while API demands requests to get a response. In other words, webhooks receive, while API retrieves.


It takes only a few seconds to be installed and activated. Documentation is included, in order to ensure that you will go smooth through installing/activating process.

If you have any questions, feel free to raise a support ticket at our support area.
Guys from support department will get back to you as soon as possible with a reply. Since Webhook is an advanced programmatic technique that needs potential technology skills and understanding, please ensure that you are familiar with webhooks prior purchasing this item, as our support team will not be able to help you at customization requests/coding.

Version 1.0

-Initial release

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Download = Webhooks Module for Perfex CRM-[Updated].zip

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