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What is WordPress API Chainer?

WordPress API Chainer is a plugin that gets data from any WordPress website and reflect them from
cache without saving them in your database. Can be used for any scenario. Can be used for SEO, can be used as a blog post lister for your forum/social media like website which is doesn’t have by default in your bbpress, buddypress (and etc.) theme.

Why do you need that?

Let’s assume you have an huge website that has a lot of traffic and you wanted to power up your new website with your main website. API Chainer is your tool! You can connect your new website on your main website with API Chainer!

API Chainer does not only boots up your new website’s index speed (google bots) it’s also boosts your new website’s organic hit, because your new website’s posts will be shown like your main website’s posts!

Scenario #1

You have multiple websites and some of them had high traffic but others not and you wanted to boost your low traffic websites. You can achieve this problem by fetching posts from low traffic website to your high traffic website and show them!

Scenario #2

You have a forum/social media like website that doesn’t have any blog content in it and you wanted add some blog like look to your forum like website. You can achieve this problem by fetching posts from your blog website to your forum like website!

Scenario #3

You have a website and you wanted to add some hot news from a WordPress based news website (maybe about the economics?). You can achieve this problem by fetching posts from target website to your website!

Scenarios are unlimited!

Does API Chainer gets data from every website?

API Chainer gets data from any WordPress website that have open Rest API (which is default)!

In where can I use API Chainer on my website?

API Chainer generates a shortcode and in WordPress you can use shortcodes in everywhere! You can use it in your posts, widgets or anywhere you wanted!

What about Elemantor support?

API Chainer supports Elemantor!

My targeted website uses custom post type, What about custom post types?

Custom post types (CPT) are also supported. If your target WordPress Website have a custom post type that you wanna fetch; you can fetch it by typing that custom post type’s name to shortcode generator.

General Features

  • One-click usage (literally)!
  • Number of the posts that will be fetched can be adjusted from shortcode generator.
  • Fetched post’s filters(by user, by post type, old to new, new to old, by category etc.) can be adjusted from shortcode generator.
  • Caches of your fetched website’s data and serves the data from cache after first usage.
  • Cache’s timeout can be adjusted from shortcode generator.
  • Caches can be cleared easily from plugin’s panel.
  • Thumbnail size that will be fetched can be adjusted from the shortcode generator (“thumbnail”, “medium”,”full” and etc.)
  • Slider, grid and listing designs!
  • Slider can be fully adjusted from the shortcode generator. (Loop mode, free mode, slider arrows, slider dots, autoplay, slides per view, space between slides etc.)
  • Fancy and flat listing styles!
  • Fancy and flat grid styles!
  • CPT (Custom post type) supported!
  • Follow or nofollow to the links can be adjusted from shortcode generator.
  • Does not effects your website’s speed.
  • Boosts your website’s SEO by chaining their data together.

Warnings Before Use

  • Target website must have a Rest API endpoint which is open by default in WordPress. (Some plugins are disabling Rest API of websites or making them private to frontend usage.)
  • Custom post type that will be fetched from target website must be Rest API enabled as it’s default(in the target Website, not on plugin installed website). If it’s not, please contact to theme provider.

Kindly Note: We update new contents like WordPress Themes, Plugins, PHP Scripts everyday. But remember that you should never use this items in a commercial website. All the contents posted here for development & testing purpose only. We’re not responsible for any damage, use at your own RISK! We highly recommend to buy WordPress API Chainer from the The Developer ( hypecodes ) website. Thank you.
Download = WordPress API Chainer-[Updated].zip

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