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WorkDo Dash SaaS is an effective solution that incorporates several key features. It includes multi-workspace functionality, empowering users to create and manage multiple workspaces tailored to specific companies. Operating on a SaaS model, it provides the flexibility of cloud-based access, eliminating the need for local installations and offering seamless scalability. Furthermore, WorkDo Dash SaaS supports multi-addons, allowing users to enhance and customize the system with additional modules and extensions to meet their unique business requirements. This comprehensive solution promotes efficient collaboration, streamlined data management, and optimized processes, enabling organizations to achieve higher productivity and improved operational effectiveness.


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Login as Super Admin : [email protected] / 1234
Login as Company : [email protected] / 1234

What to Expect from WorkDo Dash SaaS – Open Source ERP with Multi-Workspace

  • Multi-Workspace
  • Designing your own SaaS with Premium Add-ons
  • Full White Label Setting
  • Multi Theme with various colors options
  • Custom Monthly and Yearly pricing for Add-ons from the Super Admin
  • Specific Setups in the Add-ons
  • Add-on Selection and Subscription
  • Registration of a single user with multiple companies and roles using the same email
  • Visually attractive dashboards
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Product and Service
  • Proposal Module with QR Code
  • Invoice Module with QR Code
  • Management of various aspects of Projects: Project and Project Report
  • Management of various aspects of Accounting: Customers, Vendors, Banking, Income, Expense, Reports
  • Management of various aspects of HRM: Employees, Payroll, Leave Management, HR Admin, Event, Document, Company Policy, Reports
  • Management of various aspects of CRM: Lead, Deal, Reports
  • Management of various aspects of POS: Warehouses, Purchases, POS, POS Orders
  • Messenger Module
  • Image Uploaded Preview
  • Reset Password Page
  • Email Templates managed by Super Admin
  • Email Verification Security in the User Registration
  • Integration of Cloud Data Storage like Local, AWS, and Wasabi
  • Settings to Add Currencies according to the requirement
  • Availability in multiple languages to be accessible on global platforms
  • Customized settings options for RTL on/off, Primary Color, Sidebar, Layout
  • Themes Color Setting, Transparent Layout, and Dark Layout under Theme Customizer
  • Attractive PDF Templates and a Color Palette to customize your prints
  • A user-friendly RTL experience for customers using Arabic, Hebrew, and Urdu-like languages
  • Any of the plans’ payments can be made using diverse payment gateways namely Stripe and PayPal
  • Built with Laravel 9

Salient Features of WorkDo Dash SaaS – Open Source ERP with Multi-Workspace


This feature Multi-Workspace of WorkDo Dash SaaS allows users to create and manage multiple workspaces within the ERP system. Each workspace functions as a separate environment where specific teams or departments can collaborate and work on their respective tasks. For example, you might have a workspace for accounting, another for human resources, and so on. Multi-workspace functionality helps keep data and processes organized and enables efficient communication and coordination across different parts of the organization.


The multi-addon feature of WorkDo Dash SaaS has the ability of your ERP product to support multiple add-ons or extensions. Add-ons are additional modules or features that can be integrated with the core ERP system to enhance its functionality and cater to specific business requirements. By supporting multiple add-ons, your ERP product offers flexibility and scalability, allowing customers to customize their system and add features as needed.

Core SaaS Product

The WorkDo Dash SaaS supports you with the core functionality of your SaaS product. This includes your product’s primary features and services, such as project management, accounting, HRM, CRM, or any other area in which you specialize.

Add-on Selection and Subscription

The company as a user of WorkDo Dash SaaS can browse and select the add-ons it wants to include in its subscriptions. Each add-on is having a clear description and pricing information by the Super Admin. The company can choose the specific add-on it needs, based on its business requirements, and subscribe to them along with the core product.

Subscription Tiers

The WorkDo Dash SaaS offers multiple subscription tiers with pricing options for its basic package. It also offers pricing plans for add-ons, available regularly such as monthly or yearly basis. The Super Admin has the flexibility to adjust the pricing as needed, ensuring customization and cost management to meet the business requirements.

Subscription Plan

The subscription plan feature of WorkDo Dash SaaS helps you to manage the subscription details and add or remove the add-ons. While purchasing the add-ons, the company has to choose the number of users for that particular add-on. According to that, the company can create users regardless of the client, staff, or vendor.


WordDo Dash SaaS simplifies the management of dashboards based on subscribed add-ons within the company. This means that specific add-ons such as “Project”, ”Accounting”, ”HRM”, ”CRM”, ”POS”, ”Support Tickets”, ”Sales”, and ”Rotas” will have dedicated dashboards showcasing all relevant details. The active add-on determines which dashboard is visible, allowing businesses to focus on the specific information and functionalities they require.

Specific Setups in the Add-ons

Upon purchasing add-ons like “Project”, “HRM”, ”CRM”, ”Support Ticket”, and ”Sales” in WorkDo Dash SaaS, the users can access the system setup within each add-on. This allows for quick configuration of essential elements such as branches, departments, leads, account types, and more, aligning with the specific features and functionalities offered by each module. These setup options streamline the initial configuration process, enabling users to swiftly customize the system according to their organizational requirements within the respective add-on modules.

Assign Roles to Each Staff

With the multi-user feature of WorkDo Dash SaaS, you can assign roles to clients, staff, and vendors. This enables you to manage their permissions and control their access to specific parameters, ensuring streamlined and secure collaboration within the system.

Product and Service

The product and service module of WorkDo Dash SaaS provides an overview of purchased products and services, including warehouse details. A notable feature allows importing product and service data via a .csv file. The details can be easily accessed and comprehensively understood through a user-friendly list and grid views, providing a clear overview of the available offerings.
The Setup option provides the creation, updation, and deletion of the categories with the ability to choose their colors namely “Product & Services Category”, “Invoice/ Proposal/ Revenue Category”, “Tax”, and “Unit”. Certain categories will automatically be added only when the add-on is purchased and the feature is there in the add-on.
In this section, you can use the product stock option to enter the quantity of a specific product. Additionally, the creation of new products and services is handled through the product and service feature.

Proposal Module with QR Code

The proposal module of WordDo Dash SaaS allows you to create and manage proposals for various business activities that outline a formal offer or suggestion made by you to a potential client or customer. It includes details such as pricing, terms and conditions, product or service descriptions, and other relevant information to create comprehensive and customized proposals. This module helps in streamlining the sales processes, maintain accurate records, and facilitate efficient communication with clients during the proposal negotiation process and approval stages.

Invoice Module with QR Code

The invoice module of WorkDo Dash SaaS is a document issued by you to request payment for goods or services provided to a client or customer. It includes details such as the itemized list of products or services, quantities, prices, applicable taxes, payment terms, the total amount due, and the due date. Here, new invoices can be created or converted from the proposal. The invoice module facilitates the creation, management, and tracking of invoices, and allows accurate record-keeping. It can generate invoices based on sales orders, handle adjustments, and provide reports for financial analysis and reconciliation. Additionally, it helps streamline the overall invoicing workflow, improving efficiency and reducing errors in the billing process.


Project and Project Report

With the project module of WorkDo Dash SaaS, you can establish fresh projects and allocate teams to each one. Invite multiple members to collaborate and share these projects with clients. You have the flexibility to modify permissions and controls to regulate client access. Define a budget and establish milestones for each project. Attach cost and summary information to these milestones and update their status using the provided drop-down menu. Keep track of recent project activities through a dedicated tab and monitor progress through a graphical representation.


Customers and Vendors Access

Maintain a database of your customers by creating their unique email addresses. Customers can log in and view the status of their invoices and transaction details as and when required. You could maintain the records for their shipping and billing address, thereby facilitating ease in trade. Similarly, vendors could access their bills and transactions by assigning them their unique Email addresses.

Create Account

Create new accounts with ease and flexibility by updating information like Account holder name, Bank name, Account number, opening balance, and contact number. Edit the essential information as and when required.

Transfer Money

Maintain the records and transfer at ease an amount from one bank account to another through various modes. You could search for particular transfers through easy filtering.

Revenue Management

Record the newly generated revenue by creating new revenue. Change the source of revenue and add references. Also, you could filter the revenue based on account, customer, and category.

Manage Bills

Edit the existing bills by adding payments. Download, Print, or Resend the Bill with a simple click. The bill will be visible to the vendor when the company will change its status from “Draft” to “Sent”. The vendor will get the mail for the same. Check the status of payments and edit your payment summary. Vendors can pay the bill via various payment methods as well as with a QR Scan.

Payment Management

Record the newly generated expense by creating new payments. Change the categories and add references. Also, you could filter the revenue based on account, customer, and category.


Get specific reports on transactions, account statements, income summaries, expenses summaries, income vs expense, tax summaries, profit and loss, invoice summaries, bills summaries, and product stock. Except for the product stock report, each report can be downloaded. Transactions and account statements can be exported in Excel format. Filter them based on various inputs. Also, a graphical display of the Income VS Expense chart along with a detailed calculation of Profit and Loss will help you make informed decisions. Filter the tax summary and Income VS Expense chart based on financial years.



The WorkDo Dash SaaS allows for the creation and management of employee profiles, encompassing their personal information, company details, documents, and bank account information. You can assign employees to specific branches, departments, designations, and roles within the organization. Additionally, you have the ability to manage and store important documents such as joining letters, experience certificates, and NOCs (No Objection Certificates) for each employee.

Salary Parameters

You could edit the components of the payslip by adding Allowance, Commission, Overtime, and Miscellaneous Payments, and deducting the amount for Saturation and Loan. This leads to the easy generation of monthly payslips.


You can generate monthly payslips and make bulk payments through easy clicks. You could also change the status of the payslip with an easy CTA. An employee could view the breakdown of their salary components.

Leave Management

You could maintain the data of leaves by creating new leaves. This feature allows you to get a detailed insight into the leave type, reason, and duration. You could approve or reject the leave request through easy clicks.

Attendance Module

If you are a big company having lots of employees working for you, checking particular employees’ attendance is very hectic and a time-wasting act. Having a precise watch on the attendance of several employees within a few seconds has made it easy with this module. One can filter the same according to date and month.

Bulk Attendance Module

Manually adding and updating the clock-in and clock-out timings of one employee and more than one employee can be easily done with the help of the Bulk Attendance Module.

HR Admin

The HR admin module of WorkDo Dash SaaS encompasses various features. The Holiday function allows the company to create holidays that can be viewed on the regular calendar and can be imported through Excel files. Moreover, the HR Admin options, including Award, Transfer, Resignation, Trip, Promotion, Complaints, Warning, Termination, and Announcements, are all under the company’s management. The creation and management of documents and company policies are solely controlled by the company, with viewing access limited to employees.

Events and Report

Always be prepared for an upcoming event. Assign employees and departments to each event reminder. Create Events and Add Descriptions to always keep a tab. Get detailed monthly attendance reports branch and department-wise with a few clicks. Additionally, branch and department-wise leave reports on a monthly and yearly base will be there.

IP Restrict Features

IP Restrict Features allow the organization to specify which IP addresses can sign in to particular accounts. The IP addresses are already registered with the company’s managing side which prevents fraudulent entries.


Leads Management

You can view all the generated leads through a Kanban and List view. Create pipelines and assign stages to various leads. You can manage the leads by adding Users, Items, Files, Notes, Sources, Call Details, Emails, and Discussions. Get all the requisite information on any particular lead in an easily laid layout.

Deal Management

Like Lead Management, you can view deals in Kanban or List View. Get an overview of deals in a week, month, and deals in the last 30 days. Assign Tasks, Products, Files, and Users for each deal. Manage discussions and notes. Also, get a Kanban view for every deal detail. In short, managing deals has no more been challenging.


Access comprehensive reports that provide detailed insights into the conversion of leads and deals for a specific week. These reports include information about the sources of conversion and are accompanied by monthly graphs to visualize the overall trends and patterns.


Warehouse and Purchase Management

WorkDo Dash SaaS facilitates the seamless creation and management of multiple warehouses. Moreover, it enables efficient management of products and services from different vendors, categorized based on pre-registered categories.

Add POS and POS Order Management

With the convenient functionality provided by WorkDo Dash SaaS, adding products to the cart by selecting the appropriate warehouse is effortless. This feature supports both existing customers and walk-in customers, enabling them to make purchases seamlessly using the Point of Sale (POS) management system.


Direct Communication is an important aspect of any business. The easy-to-access and use Messenger Module provided in WorkDo Dash SaaS, helps you to be in direct and constant touch with the users and clients.

Email Templates managed by Super Admin

The email templates feature enables users to choose from pre-defined and individualized email layouts rather than creating an entirely new email each time. Additionally, this provides readiness, uniformity of drafts, accessibility, and reduced effort required to draft the same email repeatedly. These templates can be created according to various needs.

Integration of Cloud Data Storage like Local, AWS, and Wasabi

Protection of your is indeed mandatory. This feature of Cloud Data Storage helps the user with the same.
It facilitates both the internal and external data storage space for backup and archiving, disaster recovery, cloud data processing, and storage tiering based on a range of costs, availability, performance, recovery, and migration requirements. AWS and Wasabi are third-party authenticated Cloud Data Storage providers that safeguard the data from hacking and are cost-efficient.


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