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Zombie Ricochet Women Hunter is an action-packed game where the player takes on the role of a skilled hunter, tasked with eliminating hordes of zombies. The aim of the game is simple: eliminate as many zombies as possible while staying alive.
The game features custom behavior for the player’s hands movements for aiming in all directions, with touching the screen triggering the player to shoot bullets at the targets. The zombies are ruthless and relentless, and the player must stay alert and react quickly to avoid being overwhelmed.
One unique feature of the game is the use of physics rag-doll behavior for the enemy zombies. This means that when the player shoots a zombie, their body parts will react realistically and detach from the main body, creating an immersive and satisfying game play experience.
As the player progresses through the levels, the zombie hordes become increasingly challenging to defeat, with new types of zombies with different abilities and strengths appearing. However, the player can collect power-ups and upgrades to their weapons to aid them in their mission.
Overall, Zombie Ricochet Women Hunter is a thrilling and action-packed game that is sure to keep players on the edge of their seats. With its unique game play mechanics and immersive physics-based action, it’s a game that is hard to put down.

Re skin & Customize services.
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Re skin graphics.
Ads implementation.
Adding New levels.
Adding more features.
Export to Mobile (Apk for google play) & iOS.
Export for Facebook instant game.
All you need to do first:
In Order to Edit the files You need these following software to get started.
Construct 3
Adobe illustrator (optional)
Adobe Photoshop (optional)
You can Also use any other software for graphics or animations.
Main files
There are 3 file types you will find inside the download.
Html 5 build, APK for Android & construct 3. Source file.
Construct 3
First you need Construct 3 which is an online software . Go to that website and launch. If you are new take a guided tour, which will further assist you and get to know the software.
Note : You need to purchase the software licence if you need to make changes to the code. The software also has a free version to use for making more levels and changing graphics.
Plugins required
The plugins folder is in the main files. See how to install plugin here
Additionally you can download all the plugins you need for the game in the link below. They are free.
Photon engine
Gamemonetize Sdk

Event Sheet & Main Game code.
Go to the Event Sheet folder, you will see sheets associated with layouts
There are 3 Layouts Menu , Level Selection and Main Game.
Menu is where the Game loads Progress Data Coins etc.
Level Selection is where Levels buttons are locked or unlocked based on the Last data received.
Main Game
Custom behavior is used for Player’s hands movements for aiming (all direction) touching makes the target and on touch end shoot bullets. Enemies are killed by bullets and remove all body part joints. physic rag doll behavior is used for the enemy. There are different types of obstacles and their behavior is solid and dynamic moving platform behavior is sine.
Game Logic
Victory is based on when the player killed all zombies level completed and victory popup will appear.
Game Over is based on if the bullets finished Game over Popup will appear.
Game Save Data Local storage
The game saves Progress, and starts when the victory triggers. Progress is responsible for level unlock.
They are first stored in the global variables to work, throw the layouts and store these global variables to the dictionary then saves the dictionary AsJSON to local storage.
At the Menu sheet the game checks the local storage to load the dictionary.
There are different types of sound
Click sound
Game over sound
Victory sound
Bullet sound
zombie different sound
zombie hit sound
Bullet bounce sound
Gun reload sound

Export to web, Mobile, Facebook instant.
Go to the Menu at control panel Project > Export
HTML 5 , Facebook instant, Android & iOS
Click any of the following as per your requirement.
Set the properties and Done.
The project will make a build for you.
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Download = Zombie Ricochet Women Hunter-[Updated].zip

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